Digitizing of cultural heritage
withs software KAITOS

Obrázek pro software kaitos - umělá inteligence do knihoven.

A modern solution for digitizing of cultural heritage artifacts

Logo Kaitos. Software pro digitalizaci kulturního obsahu, generování PSP balíčků.

KAITOS is a professional software that comprehensively enables the digitization of cultural content, such as monographs, manuscripts, periodicals, old prints, old maps, and other precious sources. Kaitos is created for universities, libraries, museums or digitization units around the world.

KAITOS provides complete tools for digitizing library, archive, and museum collections according to current standards, and can be easily adapted to fit the specific needs of individual institutions. Kaitos uses built-in workflow features and a number of automation elements to adapt to digitization projects of any size.

At the core of Kaitos software are its neural networks that digitize, tag, and extract information from cultural heritage documents.

Key functions

  • Scan detection
  • Pre-processing / page type classification
  • Document content layout (OLR) analysis
  • Cropping and alignment adjustments.
  • Page text extraction (OCR).
  • Structuring and storing extracted information in standard formats – PSP generation (Producer Submission Package).

Convolutionary and recurrent neural networks.“

Convolutional neural networks achieve unprecedented results in the field of image recognition: image classification, object detection, text reading or face recognition, and more.

For the purpose of reading texts, recurrent neural networks are used, which are suitable for sequence recognition due to the internal state representation.

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ProcyonA provides complete tools for digitizing library, archive a museum according to current standards.

Thanks to modularity and the integration of specialized resources (eg image processing, OCR and quality control automation), it is possible to easily adapt the functionality of the system to the specific needs of the user.

Workflow and a number of automation features predetermine ProcyonA for productive use in digitizing projects of all sizes.

ProcyonA can easily be integrated into, for example, OAIS (Kramerius IV) systems.

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I2S Limb is software and application suite that provides a complete process chain for digital of culture heritage.

LIMB provides tools for digitization projects, including image processing, quality management, and multiple export projects in various formats for long-term archiving in digital libraries. LIMB was developed to digitize all cultural and historical documents (books, archives, newspapers, maps, photographs, drawings, etc.). Existing TIFF or JPEG image files can be processed and digitized content can be extracted with new structural metadata.

LIMB is the ideal solution for small and medium sized digitization projects with one or more scanners. LIMB ™ offers single-use or multi-user licenses. Users have the ability to track the progress of projects and perform process interventions at different stages of completion.