A process to get data from documents without necessity for transcription.

Manual overwriting is currently very time and labor demanding. Extraction can be used in any project where the main goal is to reduce the cost of manual work when managing any type of document for further electronic processing. It is possible to extract data from all types of paper documents (invoices, contracts, forms, orders, etc.). Data (addresses, account numbers, due dates, etc.) can be obtained from documents and then categorized and qualified.

Benefits of extraction

  • Reducing data rewriting, effective employee deployment

    Highly qualified accountants may be deprived of a substantial part of routine work, allowing them to focus on their important tasks. We save a lot of time for accountants, secretaries and assistants.

  • Reduce errors and improve data quality

    Workers' input errors are prevented as soon as possible by means of checks and visual warnings.

  • Cost savings through automation

    Manual processing and transcription / data acquisition is practically eliminated. As a result, many more documents with less human strength can be processed.

Types of documents that customers require

  • Formal documents (questionnaires, predefined customer requests, tax returns, bank forms, technical cards, technical and technological forms, records of inspections, etc.)
  • Accepted invoices
  • Orders
  • Cash documents, receipts and other types of financial papers

Bespoke data extraction

  • Including HW-related supplies (servers, scanners, scanning lines) or as an outsourced service.
  • Possibility edit or add / remove items, to be extracted.
  • Customization to customer's language requirements

    Not only from the point of view of the interface but also from the point of view of the language. It is not a problem to extract, for example Czech, German, English and another foreign invoices at the same time.

  • Various outputs (exported data).

The best solution for storing documents is the use of a specialized document management system - DMS (Document Management System).