Outsourcing of digitization with EXON

Outsourcing digitalizace dokumentů, šanonů, archivů.

For many companies, document processing is a source of high financial costs, error rates and inefficient time for its staff. The reason is the daily routine work with a large number of documents and data that need to be overwritten, recorded and processed. These are mostly invoices. Companies that receive hundreds to thousands of invoices a month will save considerable paid work hours in copy work, so that their employees can use their time more efficiently for other, more important tasks.

We offer digitizing and data extracting.

We have an experienced team of consultants and developers to offer customize solutions for your company and identify opportunities for improvement. We offer consulting services to help you form an effective documentation management strategy.

We process invoices, contracts, orders, forms, delivery notes and others in all languages.

Outsourcing digitalizace dokumentů, šanonů, archivů.

„No need to waste valuable time overwriting invoices.“

We can help you to:

  • Save time and human resources
  • Use your employees more efficiently, numbers are processed by robots
  • Reduce data transcription errors to a minimum by automatically checking against other databases.
  • Avoid redundant and unnecessary work tasks.
  • Get numbers without paper, confusion and time delays.
  • Reduce processing costs.
  • Integrate into ERP, DMS, ECM, CRM and accounting or other systems.
  • Return, archive or safely dispose of originals
  • Access your data quickly and easily.