DMS/ECM is powered by ELO technology

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Unlimited access and easy search

Access to documents 24/7, easy to find and share.

Managing, approving, and circulating documents

Orders, invoices, contracts or personnel. Set the document circulation exactly according to your requirements.

Vytěžování dat dle struktury dokumentu.

Data extraction

Effective data acquisition from your documents. It not only about acceleration, but it also reduces errors and increases productivity.

Keep your data safe

Safely stored and archived. Without fear of natural disasters, fires, heat or theft.

Managing Contracts

Absolute review and control of contracts. Fast and easy access, customer and supplier linkage and easy evidence. Above that, all the obligations resulting from the contracts can be remembered thanks to the milestones that watch important dates.

Easy connection to existing IT infrastructure

You can easily link to current systems (MS Windows or Linux) and applications (File Service, CAD, GIS, CRM and ERP, SAP, etc.)

Meeting individual requirements

Possibility of upgrading the system with new features - electronic signatures, barcodes, barcodes, extraction of information from image files, etc We develop modules, such as the anonymization of documents , followed by sending them to the Registry of Treaties; an eIDAS module, that automatically checks new incoming documents, etc..

We are a certified partner of ELO Digital Office Czech Republic, a distributor and manufacturer of DMS ELO - a leading document management system - the German company ELO Digital Office GmbH. We are a supplier of comprehensive solutions for digital management and document archiving based on ELO Document Management (Office, Professional, Enterprise).

>ELO is a combination of special individual solutions that combine together in one. So even the smallest application can be part of one big system. All sources of information are combined and available at the desired time and location. ELO specializes in managing various content and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Benefits of the solution are in the modules and their flexibility, the ability to work with all types of systems, use the content of the information and have it immediately available. The whole life cycle of information is covered, from creation to removal. An overview of all business processes is critical to effective and competitive business development.