Digitizing books, chronicles, archival materials

Ukázka digitalizační oddělení. Skenování na knižním skeneru i2S. Prokládání digitalizovaných stránek knih černým papírem, aby bylo možné automaticky softwarově ořezávat stránky. Uživatelské prostředí systému ProcyonA pro generování PSP balíčků.

We can convert your valuable archival materials into digital format: valuable and very old materials, maps, books and chronicles, archives and museum collections, drawing and illustrations, originals of all sizes and types (engineering drawings, cadastral maps, historically valuable and wall maps, building and drawing documentation), books of all sizes and thicknesses and bindings, microfilms etc.

Digitizing of Cultural Heritage in Pilsen, Czech Republic.

We use book scanners:

  • i2S book scanners (Bordeaux, France), the industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality scanners.
  • With book cradles that are gentle on the bindings of originals, optimized glass pressure settings for sensitive scanning, that saves the bindings of the originals provided.
  • With special holders for cradling antique or fragile bindings designed for originas that can be opened up to a maximum of 120°.
  • Without ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

The resulting image is of the highest quality and meets the most demanding requirements.

Our scanners can also digitize originals from microfilm and slides.

We can prepare the resulting images for OCR (extracting data from documents).