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November 2019

Conference LTP 2019

We took part in the 4th annual LTP 2019 international conference. Topic: New trends and starting points in building LTP archives. Our contribution was "How do artificial intelligence and neural networks help LIBSAFE system in long - term data preservation" presented by colleague Thomas Novicky.

July 2019

EXON Breakfast

Two weeks ago, on June 20, 2019, the last EXON Breakfast Breakfast took place in Prague. We filled the maximum capacity of our meeting room, which made us very happy. Unfortunately it is not inflatable, so we will probably look for a little bigger space for the next term :). We would like to thank everyone for their great participation, colleagues from Exon for interesting contributions and we will look forward...

June 2019

April 2019

18th National Archive Conference, Pilsen

On April 23-25, 2019, the 18th National Archive Conference took place in Pilsen, with over 500 people attending three days. On this occasion we presented the participants with scanners in the State Regional Archives in Pilsen: i2S Copibook V-shape 2xA2 and i2S Copibook Open System A2.